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University Hospitals of North Midlands - the first Trust in the UK to introduce new patient check-in

University Hospitals of North Midlands is the first hospital Trust in the UK to introduce our new electronic check-in process for patients who are scheduled for surgery.

The innovative Nexalus NextOps software which was jointly created by the Hospital Surgery division allowing patients to check-in online three weeks before their operation.

Amanda Carter, 51, from Betley, recently used the new check-in process before her scheduled surgery to remove a pituitary tumour, she said: “The check-in process was so easy to follow and to complete. It is great how you can fill in all of your information and if anything needs picking up you are contacted by the medical secretary straight away. My medication has changed recently so I replied with the new information through the electronic process and the alterations to my operation were made and was still able to go ahead.”

The check-in process will help to significantly reduce cancellations on the day of surgery which will reduce delays in treatment and improve theatre utilisation.

Dr Veera Gudimetla, UHNM Consultant Anaesthetist and project lead, DCIO for surgery division, said: “We have been working on surgery check-in project at UHNM with Nexalus for the last four years. We sincerely hope that this will improve communication between patients, clinicians and secretarial staff and result in fewer cancellations on the day of surgery.

“This will also allow secretaries to pick up cancellations well ahead of time and allocate the slots to other people waiting on the list. I am really proud to see this idea become a reality thanks to UHNM IT and Nexalus teams. We are very proud of our team achievement.”

Phil Windsor, UHNM Head of Operations – Surgical Division said: “As we strive to reduce elective surgical waiting times for our patients post pandemic, we are acutely aware of the need for innovative and creative approaches to maximise use of our theatres. The collaborative development of this software solution is a really exciting opportunity to do exactly this whilst also keeping in very close communication with our patients. Early identification of intent and potential cancellations enables us to re-schedule and backfill theatre slots that could otherwise go unfilled.”

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