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We are passionate about digital transformation

Our main aim was to reduce the number of cancellations on the day of surgery in every hospital. It’s a big task, but we tackled it by working with the UHNM teams to create a system that actually solved a number of issues - primarily creating a way to get to get patients to check in and admin staff a solution to manage and sort theatre surgery lists.


Here’s the before mind maps that we used to create the system.

X-Ray Results

We always focus on the user needs

Transforming communications layers – Cancer Insurance AIG - We have been working with telecoms giant Avaya, on ways of how to automatically switch users seamlessly from voice to online and vice versa. This service design is focused on moving the user from the communications layer to the applications layer and automating the best course of action depending on their reason for contact. 

We can now, for example, identify a caller with a smartphone and give them the opportunity to move into our safe digital space to continue their conversation – providing a much better experience and automated routes and journeys. Alternatively, moving a webchat to a real person for a more human interaction and personalised outcome. 


Skills: Business analysis, behavioural science, service design, planning, user testing (lab), eyeball tracking, hifi prototypes, design, UI, CX, data, development, user test focus groups, telecoms, tech support. Relates to: Contacts handled in a more efficient way with more redirection online where appropriate

One team one focus

Rapid Team Formation - NHS Rapid Team Formation design allows distress teams to quickly and effectively respond to a specific urgent request, by having team members pre-allocated to specific types of case or scenario. 


From one call, four people (from sperate agencies and partners) in a team can be notified by text with a link to a Teams shared video call to attend and decide on a course of action. All actions derived from these events are recorded in the CRM and central reporting systems. 


Skills: Business analysis, telecoms systems, service design, planning, UI, development, user test focus groups. Relates to: Online child reporting/referral – empathetic, user-friendly and efficient (reducing/eliminating manual process as information is pushed automatically into the business system). 

Our platform is benefit driven

Children and young people – Waltham Forest Young people told us that the council and its partners should look to create a place where work opportunities could meaningfully be shared. We put a plan in place to create an opportunity bank – from initial conception, to service blueprint, design and prototype. We’ve now built the system after testing with social workers, partners and of course the children and young people who will be using it. 


Skills: Business analysis, behavioural science, service design, rapid prototyping, community research, partner engagement, user testing, dashboard development, data ETL, CMS, website, mobile development. Relates to: Case management in one place, accessible and able to be updated by all parties. 


Childhood Obesity App – Public Health Warwickshire Turning smartphones and devices into digital concierges enables us to offer different routes and journeys depending on the child’s issues. We used mix of AI and data-focused applications and behavioural science to prevent the clunkiness experienced in many hand-built ones – the gain was to enable health workers to have a one-to-one with a child, if required, and use tech to kick-start a healthier diet and exercise routine if guidance was missing at home. 

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