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Nexalus cost saving calculator

Try our calculator to see how much we can save your organisation,  on average we can save you over 30% of lost theatre time due to Do Not Attend (DNA) and last-minute cancellations


In every hospital and trust there is a need to reduce cancellations on the day of surgery. It’s not an easy thing to fix either - from how to get patients to be ready and healthy for surgery and the process of contacting them individually in the weeks running up to their surgical date.


Internally, there’s a lot of manual processing of lists and patients come in on the day and face cancellations based on their surgeon/consultant's review of their case.


We have built a system that has been designed hand-in-hand with one of the UK’s most respected trusts, UHNM, that will

revolutionise the way that hospitals manage their theatres and surgical units.

The system combines patient and booking data to create lists that will improve theatre utilisation, on average our Nexalus system reduces wasted theatre(s) time by over 30%

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